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Trouble Shooting

Having Trouble?

Account is still pending

      1.   Have you completed your Rider Membership, Eligibility, and Liability forms and sent them to the Show Secretary (email preferred….PDF format only.  I’m buried in forms.)?  

      2.  Has your school completed their registration process?

      3.  Did you pay your invoice?

Your account is activated, but you can’t signup for the show

      1.   Are you a school rep?  Are you logged in as the school rep or the rider?  Hit the LOGOUT button in the upper left hand corner of the home screen, and login to your rider account.  Remember:  School Reps can’t ride.  Only Riders ride!

      2.   Is your account still PENDING?  See above.

Make sure you order your stalls AND register for your classes.  We have 2 separate steps now.

Just like previous years, you must order your stalls and pay your fees even if you are stabled at HDEC.  Nothing new here.

Deposit must be paid by OCT 14th!  If you want to use the Express Line at the Saturday pre-show signup, pay all of your invoices by Oct 14th.  Please bring a copy of your invoices marked “PAID.”  This is the first time we are doing this.  We think we know how it will work, but just in case something goes wrong, please have a copy of your invoice.

Contact Us:    showsecretary@theiel.org

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