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Sign up for the Show

Once your account is activated, three (3) events will magically appear on the left hand side of the Home screen.  The box is labelled "Upcoming Events."

If you don't see Show #1 in the box, that means your registration is not complete.  Did you submit your forms?  Update your account?  Pay your dues?  Contact the Show Secretary if you think your account should be activated.

DO NOT EVER HIT "Guest!"  You totally screw me up.

Also, DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS!  (yes, you know who your are.)  There is no need to yell at me.

When you are done, you will have either 2 or 3 invoices.  If you only have one, you have messed up.  You need to register the horse and the rider.  You will have 3 invoices if your rider does HEJ classes and Dressage.

A.  Click on "Show #1 - Horse Registration - MANDATORY.

Order your Stalls and Pay your horse fees (horse fee is non-refundable)

B.  Sign up for your classes.

           Register for your Dressage Classes (dressage class fees are non-refundable)

Register for your Hunter/Equitation/Jumper Classes

When you get your registrations completed, just pay your invoices.  The Registration Fees and the Dressage classes must be paid by midnight on Oct 15th.  You may pay your Hunter, Equitation, and Jumper class fees as late as October 29th, but please pay it before then. 

If you have multiple riders to sign up for a show:

1.     Register your first rider

2.     Hit the “Invoice Me” button on the payment page

3.     Hit the “New Registration” button at the bottom of the next page

4.     Hit the “Next” button on the next page

5.     And now, you can enter your second rider

6.     After this entry, you can pay your invoice through PayPal if you want.

If your 3 invoices (Registration Fees, Dressage, and HEJ) are paid by the Forms Due date for the show shown on the Homepage of the website, then you just need to come to signups to pick up your rider number and signup for class times. 

Make sure you understand about all of the deadlines.

If you have any questions, email Carolyn Eberhard, Show Secretary at  She will be glad to help.

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